Rejuvenate the look of your skin with the power of Celluma light therapy.

Dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin with the soothing, relaxing energy of Celluma

Celluma’s unique LED technology emits safe, UV-free low-level light energy that profoundly affects tissue at the cellular level. Blue, red and near-infrared lights are the most commonly used wavelengths in LED phototherapy. These specific wavelengths are well researched and scientifically proven to produce therapeutic benefits. Blue light penetrates through the epidermis and is known to kill P. acnes bacteria. Red light penetrates into the dermal layer and has been shown to enhance collagen and elastin production through photo-biostimulation of fibroblasts for improved skin tone, quality, clarity, and texture. Near-infrared light penetrates deepest to increase micro-circulation and tissue repair, as well as decrease inflammation and reduce pain.

The beauty of Celluma light therapy technology

Use Celluma to help improve:


Fine lines and wrinkles

Outcomes and increased post-treatment comfort levels following laser, microderabrasion, micro-needling, post surgery, and much more.



Here’s some illuminating news: In just minutes a day, Celluma can help rejuvenate aged or tired looking skin, stimulate collagen production, and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Acne Treatment

A bright future for your skin awaits. Use Celluma to clear up blemishes, eliminate bacteria to prevent new breakouts from forming, and restore skin’s healthy appearance.

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